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Avaya Callmaster V

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Features to distinguish between the Callmaster IV and Callmaster V

  • The Callmaster IV terminal is for users that need a larger display (two-line x 40-character) and a terminal with a more traditional look.
  • The Callmaster V terminal is for users that need a less expensive digital set with a more modern look.

Cost-effective design for the entire call center.

Built-in Recorder Interface Module (RIM)

Built-in Recorder Interface Module (RIM) allows conversations to be recorded.

When in use, module emits a soft beep every 15 seconds to alert callers that call is being recorded (programmable to turn off beep, which is required legally in some situations).

Two-line x 40-character display (Callmaster IV) or 2-line x 24-character display (Callmaster V)

Facilitates multi-line scrolling for VuStats data: real-time call center performance statistics on agents, splits, skills, Vector Directory Numbers (VDNs), trunks, and trunk groups.

Enables agents to view call conditions so they can decide when it's appropriate to take a break or handle other tasks. It also enables agents to compare their productivity with call center objectives, giving immediate feedback and motivation.

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