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Avaya G350 Media Gateway Features

The Avaya G350 Media Gateway is a high performance converged telephony and networking device that sits in a small branch location, providing all the infrastructure needs in one box.

  • Designed for use in an eight to 72 user environment, aimed at branch offices with 16 to 40 stations
  • Provides 6 media module slots and an embedded analog media module
  • Features a VoIP engine, WAN router, and PoE LAN switch, and provides full support for IP, DCP, and analog telephones
  • Can optionally house and internal Avaya S8300 media server as a local survivable processor or as the main media server for stand-alone deployment
  • Provides full data networking services, precluding the need for WAN router or LAN switch


Integrates with S8700 series, S8500, S8400, and S8300 media servers running Avaya Communication Manager software

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