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G700 Media Gateway

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Avaya G700 Media Gateway Features

The G700 Media Gateway is a 19-inch 2U chassis containing 4 media module bays and one Avaya P330 Expansion Module bay. The G700 Media Gateway contains an integrated Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) engine which can support up to 64 G.711 TDM/IP simultaneous calls, or 32 compression codec (G.729 or G.723) TDM/IP simultaneous calls. Additionally, an optional VoIP compression media module adds support for an additional 64 channels. It has two 10/100 Ethernet ports and a serial port for Command Line Interface (CLI) access. The G700 Media Gateway offers optional media modules for WAN and endpoint connections.

The G700 can also be configured with an S8300 Media Server for internal call control or a survivable gateway. The S8300 supports an IA770 INTUITY Audix internal voicemail system. Using the Avaya Octaplane Stacking Fabric, up to 10 G700 Media Gateways and C360/P330 switches can be stacked. Multiple stacks may be connected to each other via fiber, ATM, gigabit copper, etc.

  • Networked Telephony: The Avaya networked server/gateway architecture allows enterprises to design and administer telephony services for all remote branch office locations from one central location.
  • Business Continuity: The G700 provides branch office users with a highly resilient system that continues to provide telephony call control even if the connection between the office and primary headquarters is lost.
  • Multi-Protocol Capability: Seamless TDM/IP support allows enterprises to take an evolutionary approach to IP telephony migration by maximizing investment protection for existing analog and digital devices.
  • Converged Stackable Device: The G700 integrates telephony and data switching into one stacking fabric, reducing the overhead and complexity of managing disparate gateways and switches.
  • Remote Deployment and Management: The G700 can be easily installed and remotely configured by a central support staff, allowing the enterprise to get branch offices operational quickly and cost-effectively.

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